Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Policy

DRAFT of 10th April 2013


1. A Special Interest Group (SIG) is an unincorporated association operating within the context of Internet Australia, which enables individuals with an interest in a specific area to network, meet, communicate, cooperate, publish newsletters, draft documents, and organize events.

2. This Policy document declares the conditions that govern Internet Australia SIGs.

Creation and Disbandment

3. The Board may from time to time create and disband such SIGs as it considers appropriate to the effective operation of Internet Australia.


4. The Board will approve, vary and withdraw Terms of Reference for all SIGs, as it considers appropriate to the effective operation of Internet Australia. Terms of Reference for SIGs will include defined scope, and defined responsibilities.

5. In general, SIGs are NOT provided with delegations, or are provided with only very limited delegations.

6. Where delegations are necessary (e.g. when a group’s purpose is to co-organise a conference with another organisation, or to draft policy statements), it is more appropriate to constitute a Task Force (which enables more powers, but involves more responsibilities. Where appropriate, a SIG Committee may also be constituted as a short-term Task Force.

7. SIGs are NOT authorised to speak on behalf of Internet Australia, nor to make policy statements as SIGs. This does not preclude any individual themselves making a policy statement and in the process identifying themselves as a member of an Internet Australia SIG. Nor does this prevent a SIG drafting a policy statement and submitting it to the Board for consideration.


8. In general, it is envisaged that the Convenor of a SIG will be a member of Internet Australia.

9. However, particularly where the purposes of the SIG include interfacing with other organisations, there is no requirement that members of a SIG be members of Internet Australia, nor even that the Convenor necessarily be a member.

10. Where the Convenor is not a member of Internet Australia, the Board will consider appointing a member of Internet Australia to act as the Board’s liaison officer with the SIG.

Procedural Arrangements

11. In general, each SIG may conduct its processes in any reasonable manner, subject to the proviso that all members of the SIG have appropriate opportunities to participate in and contribute to activities, and are kept generally informed of its activities.

12. In general, each SIG:

(a) will keep the Board informed of its activities by such means as emails and phone-calls

(b) will provide a (brief, to-the-point) written report prior to each Board meeting

(c) will ensure that its actions are consistent with this policy and its Terms of Reference

(d) in respect of any significant measure that it intends to take, will provide a sufficiently-detailed written Proposal to the Board, at a sufficiently early stage that the Board can take action to approve, vary or decline the Proposal

(e) has the right to expect that the Board will approve formal Proposals by no later than the next available meeting, or will clearly communicate requests for additional information or clarification, required amendments, or the fact that the Proposal is declined