Internet Security Special Interest Group


About the Internet Security SIG

On 14th November 2014, The Internet Architecture Board released a Statement on Internet Confidentiality.

In response to the same, Internet Australia established this SIG with the the aspiration of assisting business and community to implement sound practical measures to make the Internet and their use of it, safer and more integral and giving substance to the aspirations of the IAB as outlined in its Statement. 

 Current members of the Security SIG are as follows:

Organisation Representative

The Internet Commerce Security Lab

Dr Iqbal Gondal

Enex Testlab Pty Ltd

Matt Tett

Data Pipeline Pty Ltd

Dr Robert Layton

Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd

Dr Roger Clarke

The SIG is subject to Internet Australia's  SIG policy.

For more information about this Special Interest Group, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Resources and Materials

  • Useful Guides and Checklists
Source  Type of Material URL/Link
Office of Childrns' eSafety Commissioner Classroom Resources
Stay Smart Online My Guide - Protect Yourself in 8 Steps
Stay Smart Online Small Business Guide: Protect your Business in 5 Minutes


  • Internet Society Documents and Articles
Source  Type of Material URL/Link
 Internet Architecture Board  Statement: "IAB Statement on Internet Confidentiality"
 Internet Society  Article: "Encryption is the key for a trusted society"