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The real cost of data retention. The Internet Society of Australia believes the data retention laws will prove a costly intrusion into our lives with doubtful benefit in the fight against terrorism.After a last minute rush to accommodate media concerns the House of Representatives has passed,

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The Internet Society of Australia welcomes the introduction of a Public Interest Advocate as a measure of protection for journalists' sources. This, along with the 38 amendments made following the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security’s public inquiry, means the Bill has been substantially improved. However, the Society is concerned that the data retention regime established by the Bill has not been subjected to a cost-benefit analysis.

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Our CEO Laurie Patton was interviewed on The Wire today about the implications of the proposed Metadata Retention legislation.

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The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has released its report. The document is in excess of 350 pages long and makes 39 recommendations for the consideration of the Government. The Internet Society of Australia is appreciative of the Committee's due consideration of our submissions and presentation, which are acknowledged in the report. 

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"The Internet Society of Australia acknowledges the work that the committee has undertaken on this very complex matter. We note that in a number of important areas the committee appears to have taken into account the confidential information that was supplied by the Internet Society, at the committee's request, regarding flaws in the Bill".

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