This morning, Internet Society of Australia team members, CEO Laurie Patton and Director Holly Raiche, presented at the the Senate Standing Committees on Legal and Constitutional Affairs inquiry into the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015. In his opening remarks, our CEO noted:

"We are concerned that ad hoc legislative changes designed to address specific issues such as site blocking are at odds with good policy making because they risk unintended consequences that can impact on the trust and the efficiency the underpins the Internet.

We believe that blocking access to international websites will be largely ineffective, being relatively easy to bypass. The costs to the Internet industry – and ultimately passed on to consumers – will be significant, disproportionate and unjustifiable."

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The Internet Society of Australia has accepted an invitation to join an Experts Group formed to provide advice on the implementation of the Data Retention Bill recently passed by the Federal Parliament. 

The Experts Group has been created at the request of a joint government-industry Implementation Working Group and assists the IWG by providing technical input from an industry perspective.

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The Internet Society of Australia has given cautious support to the Copyright Notice Scheme Code 2015, lodged today for registration with the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

“We acknowledge that so-called ‘Internet piracy’ is an issue requiring attention”, commented Internet Society CEO Laurie Patton. “However, we will remain vigilant to the risk that Australian Internet users are unfairly treated by any content rights holders”.

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GUEST OPINION – Laurie Patton

The real cost of data retention. The Internet Society of Australia believes the data retention laws will prove a costly intrusion into our lives with doubtful benefit in the fight against terrorism.After a last minute rush to accommodate media concerns the House of Representatives has passed,

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The Internet Society of Australia welcomes the introduction of a Public Interest Advocate as a measure of protection for journalists' sources. This, along with the 38 amendments made following the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security’s public inquiry, means the Bill has been substantially improved. However, the Society is concerned that the data retention regime established by the Bill has not been subjected to a cost-benefit analysis.

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