Internet Australia has called on the Government and the Opposition to support a national forum designed to bring people together to find an agreed path towards Australia’s digital future. “Our proposal is for a Digital Future Forum where industry leaders, trade unions, academics and politicians put aside their competitive tensions and concede that we have much more to agree about than we have to argue over when it comes to our future economic prosperity,” said Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton.

“We have written to the PM and the Opposition Leader asking them to support the Forum. We have asked the Government to fund the event to be run later this year or early next year”.


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Internet Australia maintains its strong view that site blocking legislation is an unjustified step at this time.

"We repeat our call on the Government to delay the Bill for at least a year in order to measure the effect of the recent launch of SVOD services, thereby making available much of the content allegedly being 'pirated', and the about-to-be-established "three strikes" warning system, “ said Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton.

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Internet Australia today described the Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications report into the use of Subsection 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997 as a ”step in the right direction”.

CEO Laurie Patton commented that “while the report doesn’t recommend all that we proposed the recommendations made would, if effectively implemented, reduce many of the current problems associated with Section 313”.

"The committee has clearly listened to organisations like Internet Australia and drawn on their expertise to deliver a report that recognises the serious flaws in the current legislation", Mr Patton added.

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The Internet Society of Australia today revealed its new name – Internet Australia.

Announcing this, President George Fong, noted that the change of name is designed to give the Society a more contemporary image in keeping with the board’s determination to take a higher profile in fostering informed debate about Internet related issues.

“Our mission – Helping Shape Our Internet Future – is to promote Internet developments for the benefit of the whole community, including business, educational, government and private Internet users”, said Mr Fong.

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The Internet Society of Australia has today called on the Federal Government to delay "site blocking" legislation while undertaking an independent study of the real extent of "video piracy" and its purported costs to the local industry.

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