Tonight at Parliament House Canberra a cross-party Parliamentary Friends of the Internet group was launched by Malcolm Turnbull, Jason Clare and Scott Ludlam.

"The purpose of PFI is to provide a vehicle for informed debate and knowledge transfer between our elected representatives, industry and consumers", commented internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton. Internet Australia initiated the creation of Parliamentary Friends of the Internet.

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Internet Australia is delighted to support 2016the National Year of Digital Inclusion; a project launched at the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network conference in Sydney this week by Infoxchange, a not-for-profit community organisation that delivers technology for social justice.

“The ability to participate in our digitally enabled future is a basic right of all Australians”, commented Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton. “We welcome the opportunity to work with Infoxchange on this very important initiative”.

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Internet Australia today called on Australia and New Zealand to join forces to create a regional innovation zone to rival other international centres of excellence in the emerging digitally enabled world economy.

The proposal was made by Internet Australia’s CEO, Laurie Patton, in a keynote address at the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs) in Auckland last night (Thursday 28th August).

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Internet Australia today called on the major political parties to work together to ensure the speediest possible rollout of the National Broadband Network for the sake of the nation’s economic future. This was in response to the release of the latest NBN financials showing a blowout in forecasted costs.

Internet Australia’s CEO, Laurie Patton, commented that: “Fast ubiquitous broadband is essential if Australia is to compete in the digitally enable world economy of the future. We are already slipping down the list of Internet-enabled OECD countries and we cannot afford for this trend to continue”.

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Internet Australia has written to the Federal Government expressing its opposition to proposed telco security legislation and has called for consideration of alternative schemes through which “the objectives of the proposed Bill are addressed without the imposition of punitive legislation”.

“Internet Australia appreciates the critical role that telecommunications networks and facilities play in our national security. However, we consider that in its current form the Bill represents an unacceptable and unreasonable transfer of responsibility and oversight from the Parliament to the bureaucracy,” CEO Laurie Patton said in a submission to the Attorney General’s Department.

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