Internet Australia today called on the major political parties to work together to ensure the speediest possible rollout of the National Broadband Network for the sake of the nation’s economic future. This was in response to the release of the latest NBN financials showing a blowout in forecasted costs.

Internet Australia’s CEO, Laurie Patton, commented that: “Fast ubiquitous broadband is essential if Australia is to compete in the digitally enable world economy of the future. We are already slipping down the list of Internet-enabled OECD countries and we cannot afford for this trend to continue”.

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Internet Australia has written to the Federal Government expressing its opposition to proposed telco security legislation and has called for consideration of alternative schemes through which “the objectives of the proposed Bill are addressed without the imposition of punitive legislation”.

“Internet Australia appreciates the critical role that telecommunications networks and facilities play in our national security. However, we consider that in its current form the Bill represents an unacceptable and unreasonable transfer of responsibility and oversight from the Parliament to the bureaucracy,” CEO Laurie Patton said in a submission to the Attorney General’s Department.

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"Internet Australia (IA) commends NBN's decision to engage retired telco workers and to create an expanded workforce to help fast track the construction of the National Broadband Network”, said CEO Laurie Patton today.

"We particularly encourage them to create jobs for young people, especially those living in regional and remote areas.

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Internet Australia (IA) applauds the decision of Labor's National Conference to hold a review of the Data Retention Act.

CEO Laurie Patton commented that IA shares the concerns expressed about the number of agencies granted access to people's metadata and the threat to personal privacy rights from the legislation passed earlier in the year with the support of the Opposition.

Mr Patton also drew attention to the difficulties being experienced by ISP's as they deal with the complex implementation requirements of the Act.

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The global Internet Society today released its 2015 Global Internet Report, finding that mobile has fundamentally transformed Internet access and use, and holds the key to fulfilling the promise of Internet connectivity for the next billion people around the world. Internet Australia is the local chapter of the Internet Society. CEO Laurie Patton welcomed the report pointing out that the trend to mobile is evident here in Australia although perhaps to a lesser extent than in some developing countries.

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