"At the Internet Australia AGM held on 7 November in Melbourne and cyberspace, a key figure in the Australian Internet was elected to the Board of Directors." - Internet Australia

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Confidential and trusted communications are essential to the ongoing safety, security and efficient use of global Internet communications networks for business, government and personal interactions. Strong encryption technologies are recommended to ensure confidentiality, and to ensure trust by authenticating that communications are really with the desired recipient and are not being hijacked and redirected by an imposter.
This draft legislation clearly needs further work before it can be seriously considered to be ready for passing. The Government and the Australian public needs to recognise the clear potential dangers to the security and privacy of ordinary Australians which this legislation, in its current form, poses.

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Internet Australia is deeply concerned with the lack of consultation and inadequate time provided by the government for analysis and review of the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018. Less than one week remains of an manifestly short few weeks for submissions to the PJCIS, with only a single day of hearings scheduled to help the Committee work through the many serious security, privacy and implementation deficiencies raised by many hundreds of experts and respected institutions from Australia and across the globe.
Attached is an Open Letter sent earlier today to the Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon Peter Dutton MP, calling on the Minister to rectify serious deficiencies in the consultation and public engagement, and improve the manifestly inadequate and rushed process performed to date

"Rather than create a separate 'complex issues' dispute resolution body that would appear to work in parallel to the TIO, Internet Australia has submitted that a strengthened TIO was actually the right body, and should be given the powers and resources to extend investigations of end-user complaints throughout the wholesale supply chain, and in particular to levy fines and costs directly against wholesale suppliers (including NBNCo) where they are found to have caused the problem, so that the RSPs are not lumbered with costs for complaints they did not cause. This should give RSPs the confidence to go to the TIO arm-in-arm with an end-user to support the end-users complaint and help the end-user get it resolved, and put the wholesale resellers/aggregators on notice to lift their performance  as they would then be exposed to consequences they don't currently face." - Internet Australia

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