2016 Media Mentions


1st July: itWire IA’s election-eve appeal to political leaders for long-term planning on NBN

4th May: Melbourne Networked Society Institute How high-speed wireless compares to cable in boosting our internet speeds

3rd May: Advanced Television Internet Australia: ‘End site-blocking law’

3rd May: Delimiter Australia not on Internet piracy watchlist, says Internet Australia

2nd May: The Guardian Internet Australia backs calls to end geoblocking as video-on-demand use increases

27th April: InnovationAus Election 2016: Where to now?

20th April: SMH Kickass Torrents could be blocked in Australia after record labels seek injunction

20th April: TelecomAsia.net ​Australia urged to use FTTdp for NBN rollout

19th April: SMH ​Internet Australia calls for ‘fibre-to-the-driveway’

19th April: SMH 'Abandon FTTN for FTTdp': Internet Australia calls for NBN rethink

13th April: itWire Data Retention funding decision delay threatens future of ISPs: Internet Australia

5th April: Daily Telegraph Australian downloading sees 50 per cent increase in 2015

30th March: itWire Internet Australia renews call for fibre over copper for NBN build

29th March: SMH The NBN is already out of date, but it's not too late to change course

21st March: itWire Patton fires broadside on piracy back at Creative Content Australia

15th March: ABC Lateline Fibre to the node may be a thing of the past for NBN

15th March: itWire Internet Australia lashes out at Creative Content anti-piracy mission

14th March: ABC The Business The leaks claiming the NBN is behind schedule

10th March: Pearls and Irritations Laurie Patton. NBN stars collide – waiting for the Big Bang

8th March: Ballarat Courier Concerns over the long-term future of Ballarat’s NBN roll-out.

7th March: LifeHacker Is Fibre-To-The-Premises Back On The NBN Agenda?

7th March: Gizmodo 'Deploy Fibre': Internet Australia Backs FTTP At NBN Senate Enquiry

7th March: itWire Build it in fibre – ‘Just do it.''

6th March: itWire Turnbull’s MTM not good enough, IA chief tells Senate NBN Inquiry

4th March: itWire Secret nbn trial slashes per-premises costs in half

28th February: itWire Site-blocking will make internet access more expensive – little else

27th February: Computerworld Fixing the Internet's routing security is urgent and requires collaboration

19th February: The Australian Film studios go to court to block piracy site

18th February: Computerworld ISPs to have coordinated response to website blocking

18th February: itWire Site-blocking regulation not working – never will

18th February: ABC Radio PM Village Roadshow wants streaming website Solar Movie blocked in Australia

18th February: Computerworld ISPs to have coordinated response to website blocking

18th February: ZDNet Foxtel moves to block piracy websites

11th February: ZDNet What the Dallas Buyers Club ruling means for piracy in Australia

11th February: itWire Current strategies on Internet ‘piracy’ not working: IA

11th February: itWire Australia now on piracy trust list

12th January: Computerworld Industry cold on data-retention grants as analytics steams towards hot 2016

11th January: Business Spectator Lessons from the data retention disaster

11th January: CIO Internet Australia slams shortfall in data retention funding

8th January: The Australian Telcos to get aid for data retention

7th January: itWire ISPs under cost pressure from ‘Internet tax’ due to Data Retention Act

7th January: ZDNet Government announces AU$128m data-retention grants program

5th January: LinkedIn Pulse LAST YEAR | THIS YEAR – Part Two – Television

4th January: LinkedIn Pulse LAST YEAR | THIS YEAR – Part One – The Internet


2015 Media Mentions

21st December: Internet Society 2015:Internet Society in Numbers

21st December: John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations Laurie Patton. Malcolm Turnbull: NBN killer?

21st December: LinkedIn Pulse Internet Society CEO at the UN General Assembly WSIS+10 Review

21st December: John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations Laurie Patton. Data Retention: How not to introduce complex legislation.

18th December: LinkedIn Pulse The Internet of Opportunity

6th December: itWire Internet Australia calls for strategic, bi-partisan approach to innovation policy

4th December: Computerworld Data breach notification scheme ‘long overdue’

30th November: CIO

25th November: Technology Decisions An innovation nation — the race to the top

23rd November: Computer Weekly Mixed signals fuel mixed feelings about Australia's data-retention plan

19th November: ABC News Small Australian ISP threatened with legal action under new site-blocking laws

18th November: CIO ​DTO refuses to meet peak Internet body

17th November: ABC The World Today Digital literacy 'substantially declining' in Australian students

16th November: MacWorld Metadata Retention Act scope creep – it begins

16th November: itWire Data Retention Act controversy races on

15th November: SMH Is cyber terrorism an imminent danger or merely Hollywood fiction?

11th November: Delimiter Internet Australia raises concerns over ‘hidden consequences’ of TPP

3rd November: itWire IA warns about extending access to Data Retention scheme

26th October: itWire Diluted Data Retention compensation sparks ISP outrage

15th October: ZDNet NBN: 'supercharged' copper needs no replacing for FttN

13th October: ABC News Majority of ISPs not ready for metadata laws that come into force today

13th October: The Australian Quick review sought for data retention act

12th October: ZDNet Telcos not ready, don't understand data retention: Comms Alliance

12th October: Computerworld Data Retention Act needs reviewing: Internet Australia


Internet Australia congratulates the Internet Engineering Task Force on thirty years of essential work without which the Internet would not be what it is today.

The IETF is the principal body engaged in the development of Internet standards. The IETF does not “run” the Internet but, rather, relies on the voluntary recognition and adoption of its technical proposals internationally.

 Full Media Release here

Internet Australia welcomes the release of the Data Retention Grants Program. However, we are concerned that it has taken so long for this to occur. Our ISP members have had to incur considerable costs without knowing what, if any, compensation they might receive.

 Full Media Release here.
 Previous Media Release from 26 September 2015 here.

Internet Australia, the peak body representing Internet users, has offered to assist the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Office in the interest of eliminating the ‘Digital Divide’ between those with access to the Internet and those who are yet to be connected.

 Full Media Release here.

“In his short time as our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has provided much needed encouragement to those of us who believe Australia can truly become a great innovation nation," said Internet Australia CEO Laurie Patton.

“Today’s Innovation Statement provides a comprehensive framework that will help our entrepreneurs now and in the future become world class. It confirms at the highest level of government the need for Australia to embrace an Internet driven digital future”.

 Full Media Release here.