Internet Australia, the NFP peak body representing Internet users, today applauded the announcement that the Australian Communications and Media will undertake a review of the NBN looking at customer experiences.

"This is something we've been calling for and Senator Fifield is to be commended for acknowledging that this project has serious problems", commented IA's Executive Director Laurie Patton.

In recent days we've seen NBN Co boss Bill Morrow out on what some have called a 'charm offensive'. Clearly the Government has realised what most observers have noted. It's not working.

"Mr Morrow has been spinning so vigorous he must be getting giddy. But the fact remains customer complainants are continuing to rise the more they roll out their inferior, trouble-plagued network".

IA believes their are two problems the Government needs to confront in order to fix the NBN.

"They're using inferior technology employing ageing copper wires that just can't deliver, and their wholesale pricing regime is flawed. All up, this means customers are being served up a product they clearly don't like much".

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About Internet Australia
Internet Australia is the not-for-profit peak organisation representing everyone who uses the Internet. Our mission – “Helping Shape Our Internet Future” – is to promote Internet developments for the benefit of the whole community, including business, educational, government and private Internet users. We are a broad member-based organisation not an industry lobby group. Our directors and members hold significant roles in Internet-related organisations and enable us to provide high level policy and technical information to Internet user groups, governments and regulatory authorities. Through our participation as the Australian chapter of the global Internet Society we contribute to the development of international Internet regulations and policies.


Internet Australia has come together with three other organisations to form the Beyond 2020 Alliance. The Beyond 2020 Alliance is the product of an extraordinarily collaborative and good willed process between 4 organisations:

  • Linux Australia
  • Information Technology Professionals Australia
  • Internet Australia
  • Telecommunications Association

The intent of this Alliance is to raise the levels of fact and evidence based discussion about the future of a digitally enabled Australia. Science and society, not politics and partisanship, will be the focus, and we intend to lead the change. As stated in the document attached, new conversation is needed to shape Australia’s digital infrastructure Beyond 2020.

 Full Joint Statement on the Beyond 2020 Alliance here


Internet Australia, the NFP peak body representing Internet users, has raised serious concerns at comments made overnight by executives from nbn.

In a document widely distributed to media outlets network engineering chief Peter Ryan and corporate affairs executive Karina Keisler attempt to justify nbn's decision to continue using technology that IA has described as "inferior" and unable to provide for the long term needs of Australian broadband consumers.

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Internet Australia, the NFP peak body representing Internet users, said today the latest financial report on the NBN was the “last nail in the coffin” for the beleaguered FTTN rollout using Telstra’s ageing copper wires. IA has for the past year called on both the Government and the Opposition to commit to abandoning FTTN and switching to more modern fibre to the driveway, otherwise known as fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp).


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Internet Australia, the NFP peak body representing Internet users, believes that nbn should take primary responsibility for ensuring effective delivery of broadband data services under proposed changes to the Universal Service Obligation.

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