6th August 2014: Our 10 Questions On MetaData

The Australian Government has announced that it will mandate the retention of communications metadata for two years in order to assist law enforcement and national security agencies to improve the detection of terrorism offences and reduce the risk of a terrorist attack within Australia or which affects Australians or their interests.

There has been criticism of this proposal on the grounds of interference with the privacy of the vast majority of Australians who are not terrorists as well as the cost and risks of implementation.

Reassuringly, the Attorney General and Minister for Communications have made it clear that, as a general principle, the Government will seek to minimise the cost impact and risk of interference with the privacy of ordinary Australians to the extent possible.

However, unfortunately at this point there appears to be insufficient information in the public domain about the detail of the proposal to understand how it is to be implemented in practice and to reach informed conclusions as to whether the benefits of the proposal outweigh its cost and risk.

We posed 10 detailed questions on MetaData  to the  Attorney General's Department to try and assist in fleshing out the scheme, prior to the Bill being introduced.

 Click here for our document containing our Ten Questions on MetaData