cheryl langdon orr
 Currently serving Board Member, seeking reappointment for an additional term.  As the listing of the current Board shows I serve Internet Australia as the Vice-Chair (International), a role if returned to the Board that I would be delighted to continue in.

 This listing further states that "Cheryl believes the Internet should be seen as a public asset and needs to be developed and maintained as a cost-effective and accessible resource for communication, education, community, social and business opportunities by the Australian and wider global community." This still, is my primary focus for my role in Internet matters, and indeed my belief. 

I haave served on the Internet Australia Board for (as some delight inpointing out in disparaging terms) for a *extended period of time*  this does however mean that I hold a very extensive "Corporate History" and experiences set that if returned I trust will be of value and particular support to the 50% new Board being appointed.  In my years with ISOC and specifically Internet Australia I have successfully undertaken (and still do) a wide variety of high level and leadership roles, in the IA Board this includes amongst other things, executive roles of Honorary Treasurer and Company Secretary. More details can be sorced fro  my LinkedIn, ICANN or About Me public profiles, listed below.

As you consider the option of returning me to the IA Board for a further term, and I sincerely hope that you do, please note that I was nominated by one of our "new" and continuing Directors Sae Ra Germaine and seconded by one of the resigning "old guard"  Chris Disspain.

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