In an op-ed in Saturday's Fairfax newspapers NBN chair Dr Ziggy Switkowski makes serious accusations in relation to two so far unnamed NBN officers. He does this despite no charges having been laid and therefore no opportunity given for the accused to put forward their side of the story.

Internet Australia, the peak NFP body representing Internet users, believes that the alleged actions of these NBN employees and questions as to their motives should be left to be dealt with according to the appropriate legal and parliamentary processes. It is unhelpful and unfair to be publicly disparaging people who, for the moment, are unable to respond. This is especially so during an election period in which the NBN is clearly a germane issue for many voters.

....... Whoever wins the upcoming election should hold an independent review of both the strategic technical direction that NBN is now pursuing and the relevance and veracity of the reports it is making public.

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