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2016 Media Mentions


1st July: itWire IA’s election-eve appeal to political leaders for long-term planning on NBN

4th May: Melbourne Networked Society Institute How high-speed wireless compares to cable in boosting our internet speeds

3rd May: Advanced Television Internet Australia: ‘End site-blocking law’

3rd May: Delimiter Australia not on Internet piracy watchlist, says Internet Australia

2nd May: The Guardian Internet Australia backs calls to end geoblocking as video-on-demand use increases

27th April: InnovationAus Election 2016: Where to now?

20th April: SMH Kickass Torrents could be blocked in Australia after record labels seek injunction

20th April: ​Australia urged to use FTTdp for NBN rollout

19th April: SMH ​Internet Australia calls for ‘fibre-to-the-driveway’

19th April: SMH 'Abandon FTTN for FTTdp': Internet Australia calls for NBN rethink

13th April: itWire Data Retention funding decision delay threatens future of ISPs: Internet Australia

5th April: Daily Telegraph Australian downloading sees 50 per cent increase in 2015

30th March: itWire Internet Australia renews call for fibre over copper for NBN build

29th March: SMH The NBN is already out of date, but it's not too late to change course

21st March: itWire Patton fires broadside on piracy back at Creative Content Australia

15th March: ABC Lateline Fibre to the node may be a thing of the past for NBN

15th March: itWire Internet Australia lashes out at Creative Content anti-piracy mission

14th March: ABC The Business The leaks claiming the NBN is behind schedule

10th March: Pearls and Irritations Laurie Patton. NBN stars collide – waiting for the Big Bang

8th March: Ballarat Courier Concerns over the long-term future of Ballarat’s NBN roll-out.

7th March: LifeHacker Is Fibre-To-The-Premises Back On The NBN Agenda?

7th March: Gizmodo 'Deploy Fibre': Internet Australia Backs FTTP At NBN Senate Enquiry

7th March: itWire Build it in fibre – ‘Just do it.''

6th March: itWire Turnbull’s MTM not good enough, IA chief tells Senate NBN Inquiry

4th March: itWire Secret nbn trial slashes per-premises costs in half

28th February: itWire Site-blocking will make internet access more expensive – little else

27th February: Computerworld Fixing the Internet's routing security is urgent and requires collaboration

19th February: The Australian Film studios go to court to block piracy site

18th February: Computerworld ISPs to have coordinated response to website blocking

18th February: itWire Site-blocking regulation not working – never will

18th February: ABC Radio PM Village Roadshow wants streaming website Solar Movie blocked in Australia

18th February: Computerworld ISPs to have coordinated response to website blocking

18th February: ZDNet Foxtel moves to block piracy websites

11th February: ZDNet What the Dallas Buyers Club ruling means for piracy in Australia

11th February: itWire Current strategies on Internet ‘piracy’ not working: IA

11th February: itWire Australia now on piracy trust list

12th January: Computerworld Industry cold on data-retention grants as analytics steams towards hot 2016

11th January: Business Spectator Lessons from the data retention disaster

11th January: CIO Internet Australia slams shortfall in data retention funding

8th January: The Australian Telcos to get aid for data retention

7th January: itWire ISPs under cost pressure from ‘Internet tax’ due to Data Retention Act

7th January: ZDNet Government announces AU$128m data-retention grants program

5th January: LinkedIn Pulse LAST YEAR | THIS YEAR – Part Two – Television

4th January: LinkedIn Pulse LAST YEAR | THIS YEAR – Part One – The Internet


2015 Media Mentions

21st December: Internet Society 2015:Internet Society in Numbers

21st December: John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations Laurie Patton. Malcolm Turnbull: NBN killer?

21st December: LinkedIn Pulse Internet Society CEO at the UN General Assembly WSIS+10 Review

21st December: John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations Laurie Patton. Data Retention: How not to introduce complex legislation.

18th December: LinkedIn Pulse The Internet of Opportunity

6th December: itWire Internet Australia calls for strategic, bi-partisan approach to innovation policy

4th December: Computerworld Data breach notification scheme ‘long overdue’

30th November: CIO

25th November: Technology Decisions An innovation nation — the race to the top

23rd November: Computer Weekly Mixed signals fuel mixed feelings about Australia's data-retention plan

19th November: ABC News Small Australian ISP threatened with legal action under new site-blocking laws

18th November: CIO ​DTO refuses to meet peak Internet body

17th November: ABC The World Today Digital literacy 'substantially declining' in Australian students

16th November: MacWorld Metadata Retention Act scope creep – it begins

16th November: itWire Data Retention Act controversy races on

15th November: SMH Is cyber terrorism an imminent danger or merely Hollywood fiction?

11th November: Delimiter Internet Australia raises concerns over ‘hidden consequences’ of TPP

3rd November: itWire IA warns about extending access to Data Retention scheme

26th October: itWire Diluted Data Retention compensation sparks ISP outrage

15th October: ZDNet NBN: 'supercharged' copper needs no replacing for FttN

13th October: ABC News Majority of ISPs not ready for metadata laws that come into force today

13th October: The Australian Quick review sought for data retention act

12th October: ZDNet Telcos not ready, don't understand data retention: Comms Alliance

12th October: Computerworld Data Retention Act needs reviewing: Internet Australia