04 Jul 2014: ISOC-AU President Appointed to Global Internet Governance Body
05 Aug 2013: ISOC-AU Demands the Australian Government Come Clean
16 May 2013: ASIC Abuse of Powers to Block Internet Traffic
09 November 2012: Internet Society of Australia Applauds Filtering Decision
23 April 2012: Australian Honoured in Internet Hall of Fame

09 November 2011: New Executive for ISOC-AU
08 June 2011: WORLD IPv6 DAY – "Best School Day Ever!"
07 June 2011: World IPv6 Day Gains Momentum in Australia
04 June 2011: World IPv6 Day Participation Continues to Grow
03 February 2011: Internet Society Statement on IPv4 Depletion

16 February 2010: ISOC-AU does not support the Government's proposed mandatory blocking of Refused Classification (RC) material on the Internet
04 February 2010: ISOC-AU applauds today's decision of the Australian Federal Court in the case of Roadshow Films Pty Limited v iiNET Limited

01 July 2009: The Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) has just received a grant of approximately $US 10,000 from the global Internet Society (ISOC) to develop capacity in other ISOC Chapters to advocate for Internet accessibility for people with disabilities.

02 Jun 2006: Internet Society of Australia, au Domain Administration, Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association and BuildersNet Pty Ltd will work together on a new project called IPv6 for e-Business

30 May 2002: The Internet Society and the International Telecommunication Union have announced agreement on a method for bridging our two worldwide communications networks: the telephone system and the Internet
06 May 2002: ISOC-AU supports the Australian Government inquiry into wireless broadband technologies.

10 October 2001: In consultation with its individual and organisational members representing more than 40,000 Australian Internet users ISOC-AU has developed 13 key steps for high quality development of the Internet.
01 September 2001: ISOC-AU hopes for considerable user benefits to follow from ICANN support for transfer of the delegation of .au to auDA
27 August 2001: Tony Hill, ED of ISOC-AU, is delivering the keynote address at an international meeting of Pacific Nations in Noumea. See the address.
13 July 2001: Adoption of the Competition Report by the auDA board
04 July 2001: Establishment of the Broadband Xchange industry forum
09 May 2001: ISOC-AU welcomes approval of new policies for allocation of .au domain names
21 January 2001: Formation of ICT (Information Communications and Telecommunications Alliance) is announced

08 August 2000: ADSL broadband Internet technology still leaves Australia behind other countries in maximising economic and social benefits from the Internet
12 July 2000: auDA and Mebourne IT have finally reached funding agreement
28 June 2000: Australia's new privacy legislation could still leave Australia out of world e-commerce market
26 June 2000: ISOC-AU applauds NOIE's funding of auDA's Name Policy and Competition Panels
17 April 2000: New privacy legislation introduced to the Federal Parliament is not sufficient to give Internet users confidence
28 February 2000: Australia is in danger of losing key Internet opportunities following the resignation of the CEO of the new domain name administration body, auDA

27 October 1999: Call for urgent action on customer access to bandwidth in comments to National Bandwidth Inquiry
21 October 1999: Internet censorship definitions may make thousands of businesses liable as ISPs and ICHs
17 October 1999: ISOC-AU welcomes new board for Australian domain names body, auDA
26 April 1999: ISOC-AU applauds auDA Domain Name reform process