Affiliate Members


ACS Logo Australian Computer Society has become the recognised association for IT professionals, attracting a large and active membership from all levels of the IT industry, and providing a wide range of services and opportunities for networking and career enhancement. It is the public voice of the IT professional; the guardian of professional ethics and standards in IT; with a commitment to the wider community to ensure the beneficial use of IT.


ACCAN logo2 ACCAN - Australian Communciations Consumer Action Network - is Australia’s peak body for consumer representation in communications. ACCAN represents residential consumers and small businesses including not-for profit organisations in so far as they are consumers. ACCAN focuses on goods and services encompassed by the converging areas of telecommunications, the internet and broadcasting, including both current and emerging technologies.


APF Logo Australian Privacy Foundation is the primary association dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians. The Foundation aims to focus public attention on emerging issues which pose a threat to the freedom and privacy of Australians.