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Internet Society of Australia – ABN 36 076 406 801

Minutes of Directors’ Meeting – 25 October 2016

By Teleconference. The meeting commenced at 5.05

1. Attendance

1.1 Roll Call and Apologies Present: George Fong (President), Anne Hurley (Secretary), Craig O’Toole (Treasurer), Jon Lawrence, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Holly Raiche, Keith Besgrove, Paul Brooks, Sae Ra Germaine In attendance: Laurie Patton (CEO) Apologies: Chris Disspain

1.2 Declarations of Interest

Declaration from Craig O’Toole noted.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Board adopted the minutes of the previous meeting on 13 September 2016

3. Reports/Updates

3.1 Chair The Board noted that Comms Day articles regarding IA membership had ceased.

3.2 Treasurer

Recommended that there be a Review in accounts in 6 months. Moved Paul Brooks. Seconded Cheryl Langdon-Orr. The Board noted that Treasurer has made a recommendation that Board accepts.

3.3 Vice –Chair


3.4 CEO

The Board noted the CEO’s verbal report, reviewing current initiatives in relation to membership and policy matters. These included: a) DDOS and IA role in consumer education aspect b) Forum held by DTA attended by CEO and Jon Lawrence c) Funding submission to ISOC d) the need for directors to complete KPI's before the end of the year

3.5 Policy Committee chair

The Board noted the verbal report from the Chair of the Policy Committee including a) Submission to the ACCC re markets survey b) Forthcoming review of Copyright Amendment Act.

3.6 Membership Administrator

The Board noted the verbal report of the Membership Administrator Jon Lawrence.

4. Other Business

The Board noted that: (1) Nomination form for Stuart Benjamin for AuDA (2) Cheryl Langon-Orr away from Monday 14 November

5. Meeting Dates for 2016/17: TBA

The Board agreed to settle the meeting dates for the rest of 2017 and for 2016.

The meeting concluded at 6.10pm.

Signed as a correct and complete record of the above meeting. George Fong, President, Internet Australia.

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