Fundraising, Marketing & Promotion Committee - Terms of Reference

Version of 14th February 2012

1. These Terms of Reference express the Board's delegations to the Committee under cl. 82.

2. The Committee is to perform the following functions on behalf of the Board:

  • Develop Internet Australia's 1-line, 1-para. and 1-page Value Propositions
  • Perform targeted approaches for:
    • specific-purpose sponsorships (e.g. for events, or for research and policy documents, or for communications)
    • general-purpose sponsorships (for which the hiring of an ED is the high priority use)
    • corporate memberships
  • Devise and execute an industry liaison program, with current indications of:
    • ISPs – Skeeve Stevens
    • security companies – Rob Forsyth
  • Promote Internet Australia to potential members
  • Devise a Proposal relating to engagement with youth and students
  • In relation to Internet Australia's web-site:
    • conduct a review
    • propose enhanced content, look-and-feel and interactivity features
  • In relation to Internet Australia and Internet Society logos:
    • conduct a review
    • propose guidelines on their use

3. In the short-term, the Committee is to consider whether it should prepare, for approval by the Board:

  • an appropriate title for the Committee
  • a revised or replacement Terms of Reference