Policy Committee Terms of Reference

Version of 14th February 2012

1. These Terms of Reference express the Board's delegations to the Committee under cl. 82.

2. The Committee is to perform the following functions on behalf of the Board:

  • Establish, operate and maintain a policy analysis and development process
  • Establish, operate and maintain a resource-base for policy analysis and development, including:
  • the register of ISOC-AU statements on policy issues
  • pointers to relevant material published by ISOC and other organisations

3. Establish, operate and maintain tools for the collaborative development of policy-related documents

4. Perform media-monitoring for:

  • opportunities to influence public policy
  • threats to the values that are important to Internet users

5. Inform members about current policy issues, in particular through the iamems list

6. Facilitate and perform policy development, both:

  • Policy Statements, proactively
  • Submissions, reacting to invitations and opportunities

7. Manage linkages with other organisations within Australia, including other user, community and consumer organisations, professional asociations, industry associations

8. Support and supervise the following SIGs:

  • S&E (Skills & Expertise)
  • Accessibility & Usability

9. Facilitate and perform media-backgrounders and interviews in relation to Internet issues

10. The Committee is to have particular regard to priority issues identified from time to time by the Board.

11. At the date of formation, the Board has identified the following issues:

  • Regulatory aspects (content regulation, spam, copyright, etc.)
  • Balanced copyright solutions
  • Cyber-Safety and Cyber-Savvy
  • Openness and Ubiquity, and challenges to them (walled gardens and closed devices; closed standards through ITU)
  • Internet for everyone (availability, accessibility, affordability, diversity, equity)
  • NBN, including regional, rural and remote accessibility
  • Internationalisation of the Internet
  • Cloud computing, and the 'Internet of Things'
  • Positives and negatives of always-on and device-location and -tracking

12. In the short term, the Committee is to prepare a Policy on Media, for approval by the Board.

13. In the short-term, the Committee is to consider whether it should prepare, for approval by the Board:

  • a more appropriate title for the Committee
  • a revised or replacement Terms of Reference