Executive Committee - Terms of Reference

Version of 14th February 2012

1. The Articles of Association create the Executive Committee by virtue of cl. 49, and declare its composition, but provide no Terms of Reference for it.

2. These Terms of Reference express the Board's delegations to the Committee under cl. 82.

3. The Committee is to perform the following functions on behalf of the Board:

  • Provide mutual support for the performance of all of the Office-Bearers
  • Provide mutual oversight of the performance of all of the Office-Bearers
  • Ensure the performance of:
    • membership administration
    • communications with the membership
    • payments as they fall due, within the Budget adopted by the Board
    • operational matters relating to the ED, if any
    • operational matters relating to the selection, induction and supervision of contractors, within the Budget adopted by the Board
  • Ensure appropriate, constructive and orderly interactions with key national and international organisations, including ISOC, ICANN, ALAC, Pacific IGF, DBCDE, ACMA, CA, IIA and ACCAN
  • Ensure the provision of written reports prior to each Board meeting:
    • by the Secretary and the Treasurer
    • in relation to the performance of the Committee's other functions
  • Ensure the provision of prompt, informal updates to the Board in relation to important developments
  • In the absence of any Office-Bearer, perform that Officer's functions and exercise their delegations under the Board Delegation Schedule

4. In the short-term, the Committee is to consider whether it should prepare, for approval by the Board, a revised or replacement Terms of Reference.